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72 hours free predictions, in which all predictions in the website will be unlocked!
If you don't like them, simply do nothing at the end

You will only need a working PayPal account

If you are in doubt or unable to activate the Free Trial press here

  1. Press the button Press here and get the Free Trial
  2. Login with your PayPal Account
  3. You will only be charged € 0.01 from your PayPal account
  4. At the end of the procedure you will get 72 hours of totally unlocked service
  5. WARNING: It is possible to activate this promotion only once

What do you get during the Free Trial?

  1. You unlock Live Total Predictions and Live Pro Predictions for 72 hours
  2. You unlock Prematch Total Predictions and Prematch Pro Predictions for 72 hours
  3. You unlock Corners Prematch Predictions for 72 hours

You will only unlock the predictions of the games that will be played within the next 72 hours from the activation of the promotion

What do you NOT get during the Free Trial?

  1. Management of matches in the personal area
  2. Additional Unlocks
  3. Predictions of matches that will be played in over 72 hours
Try our Pro Tips service FREE. Every day we signal 1 game comfortably on your mobile phone. If you like it, you can buy one or more packages of 80-100 reports every month.
Warning: matches are taken completely randomly from the full service, so the profit percentages of the trial version may be lower than those of the full version.

Next Step: Download Telegram

Next Step

You installed and configured Telegram? Nice! Now click on the lower button to enter into the channel! Remember to press, when and if appears, on 'Open', 'Send Message', 'Start' and then on the invite link that the bot will send to you via Telegram Chat message.
Enter the Free Pro Channel
The free unlock is not cumulative. If you have it available you must use it to receive another one the next day.

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