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Match Day 2 of the League
Shenyang City
  • L
Shaanxi Changan
  • D

Discover the status of the form of Shenyang City and Shaanxi Changan, the two teams that face each other during the day 2 of the championship. For this match we have also calculated the odds of victory of both teams. Use this prediction for your bet and get the full predictions on this and other leagues by signing up for The Winning Bets.

Evaluating only the ranking and the statistics of the individual teams we are not able to say with certainty which of the two teams is favored. The past performances of the two teams envisage a very balanced game. Shenyang City has only 0 points more of Shaanxi Changan. Shenyang City has played home games, winning and scoring goals against . The away games of Shaanxi Changan have arrived at , of which [ 6] won, making goals and conceding .

Analysis of the State of Form

Analyzing the form of a team means observing its performance in the league. For this meeting we have taken into consideration the last 5 games played by the two teams that will take the field. Below is the ordered list of the columns in the table: Date when the match was played, name of the two teams, final result, partial result 1T and position of the two teams in the standings.

Analysis of the State of Form: Shenyang City

Shenyang City has lost almost all the meetings, collecting only 0 points. Its state of physical and psychological form are anything but positive.

Analysis of the State of Form: Shaanxi Changan

Only 1 points for Shaanxi Changan which undoubtedly describe his bad performance in the championship. With these premises, Shaanxi Changan is a very easy team to beat but could also surprise us with a reaction of pride and put his opponent in serious trouble.

Full Match

Here we are going to present our probabilistic surveys regarding the results of the match. We have very complete statistics, ranging from the result of the game, to the analysis of the goal and who will score during the match, to the analysis of the latter in the two times taken individually.

The next tables will show the percentages as regards the exact result and the final result

Winner of the Match

The verdict, as far as the winning team is concerned, is uncertain: no possible outcome is more probable than the others.

Shenyang City (Home Win)
Shaanxi Changan (Away Win)

Look at the table below for all the percentages calculated by our algorithm.

The probability that both teams score is high, precisely of 67%.

Shenyang City vs Shaanxi Changan: First Half

Let's analyze the first half of the game: who will win the first 45 minutes of the game?.

Summary of Predictions

In short, the summary of the prediction of this football match

Winner of the Match
Goal Over / Under 2.5
Both Teams Score
3 Most Probable Results

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