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Match Day 28 of the League Egypt - Premier League
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Ittihad El-Iskandary
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This article thoroughly analyzes the match between Al-Mokawloon and Ittihad El-Iskandary. We have collected statistics on the championship in Egypt - Premier League and on the two teams and, if you are registered on the site, you can see them all, together with the percentages calculated by our algorithms.

The statistics say that home team should dominate the race. Ittihad El-Iskandary has totaled 6 points in the standings less of Al-Mokawloon. During this championship Ittihad El-Iskandary he won at home 4 times out of 8 away from home, scoring and suffering 8 and 7 goals. Al-Mokawloon instead he beat the his opponent 4 on 10 times at home, scoring and undergoing 12 and 10 goals.

Analysis of the State of Form

Analyzing the form of a team means observing its performance in the league. For this meeting we have taken into consideration the last 5 games played by the two teams that will take the field. The table consists of the following data: date of the match, challenger team, final result and first half, position in the standings of the two teams at the time of the match.

Analysis of the State of Form: Al-Mokawloon

Al-Mokawloon has a decidedly below average marching roll. The formation has won few games, much less than it has drawn and lost. The team will be able to redeem itself or confirm its trend negative?

Analysis of the State of Form: Ittihad El-Iskandary

Ittihad El-Iskandary could have a flash of pride to reverse the bad performance in the league. The team lost almost all the games collecting only 2 points


The data contained in the following paragraphs will allow you to understand the strength of the teams in the field and their offensive abilities. Thanks to these statistics, you can compare the quantity and frequency of goals marked by Al-Mokawloon and Ittihad El-Iskandary and compare them those of the championship Egypt - Premier League who dispute.

The average of the goals scored / conceded or total goals of the two challengers is an important datum for the final prediction. We therefore point out that Al-Mokawloon has a total average goal of and Ittihad El-Iskandary has an average of [3 ] goal.

Let's merge these two values ​​into a single one, and compare it with the championship average.We will note that the merged average, of Gol, is with the average total goals on all championship, of 1.56 Goals. The data of the first half are exactly championship average, because the two teams have a Goal average of Goal, while the league has an average of 0.44 Goals.' ; In the second half the two challengers have a unique goal average of . Let's compare it with the value calculated over the whole championship to conclude that the average of the two teams' goals is the average of the entire tournament.

Below you can see, at a glance, all the previously discussed statistics.It will be easy for you to understand if in this league many goals are scored and if it is worth betting on Over or Under .

Al-Mokawloon Ittihad El-Iskandary
Average of the goals / game
Under 0.5 Goals
Over 0.5 Goals
Under 1.5 Goals
Over 1.5 Goals
Under 2.5 Goals
Over 2.5 Goals
Under 3.5 Goals
Over 3.5 Goals
Under 4.5 Goals
Over 4.5 Goals
No Goal

Full Match

Subsequently we show the result of our studies relative to the single results of the meeting. These masks evaluate the match in the first half, in the second and in full regulatory time, on 1X2, Over / Under, on which teams will score during the match and an estimate of the exact result will be made.

The next tables will show the percentages as regards the exact result and the final result

Winner of the Match

According to the percentages at our disposal, the team that is most likely to win is Al-Mokawloon.

Al-Mokawloon (Home Win)
Ittihad El-Iskandary (Away Win)

Below you can see all the probabilities we have calculated on Over and Under.

The probability that both teams score is high, precisely of 74.35%.

Both teams are likely to score at least one goal each, and our system has established these possible outcomes for the game in question:

H - A 0 1 2 3 4

Al-Mokawloon vs Ittihad El-Iskandary: First Half

You can now consult the 1X2 prediction, Over and Under, Goal and No Goal related only to the data collected on the First Time.

Both teams are likely to score at least one goal each in the first half.

Observing the previous table it is easy to observe that the probability that both teams score in the first half is high (99.3%) .

Al-Mokawloon vs Ittihad El-Iskandary: Second Half

It is probable that both teams score at least one goal each in the second half.

Regarding the event in which both teams score a goal during the second half, we can deduce from the percentages (97.34%) that the probability that this happens is high.

Summary of Predictions

In short, the summary of the prediction of this football match

Winner of the Match
Goal Over / Under 2.5
Both Teams Score
3 Most Probable Results
Winner of the Match 1T
Goal Over / Under 0.5 1T
Both Teams Score 1T
3 Most Probable Results 1T
Winner of the Match 2T
Goal Over / Under 0.5 2T
Both Teams Score 2T
3 Most Probable Results 2T

As a last note we wish you to win thanks to our forecasts.We do not favor gambling, we just give advice by studying the games.Play in moderation, and only if you have more than 18 years.

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