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Match Day 23 of the League Premier League
KI Klaksvik
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B36 Torshavn
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Welcome to the game prediction that sees KI Klaksvik against B36 Torshavn. In this article we collected statistics on the teams and the championship, done analysis on the states of form, extrapolated percentage of probability. Access now to the complete prediction if you have not already done so, for you to be able to see all our studies for this encounter that takes place on the day 23 of the championship in Premier League.

The substantial equality between the two teams makes the outcome of the challenge very uncertain. The statistical data photographs a very balanced game. The away team has an advantage of some length but this only underlines the substantial equality between the two formations. The classification is clear: KI Klaksvik has only 0 points more with respect to the opponent B36 Torshavn victories away from matches for B36 Torshavn, which counts goals scored and conceded. For the home team, the victories in front of the friendly audience are . KI Klaksvik has already played at home scoring and conceding .

Analysis of the State of Form

The study of the form is useful to understand the current strength of a team, then we show the last 5 games played for both teams. Besides the date and the name of the teams, you will have different comparison values: final and partial results of the match and position in the standings that the two teams had.

Analysis of the State of Form: KI Klaksvik

Good physical and psychological condition for KI Klaksvik also thanks to the 10 points won in the last games, ended in a draw and winning the full score

Analysis of the State of Form: B36 Torshavn

Very interesting game between these two teams. B36 Torshavn has a series of positive results with which he has accumulated 9 points in the standings. challenger.


The following statistics are useful to understand the number of goals scored per game. The data compare the goals scored in the matches played in the championship Premier League with the goals scored by the two challenging teams B36 Torshavn and KI Klaksvik. Good reading!

Now we take into consideration the total average goal of the two challenging teams, that is the average between goals scored and those conceded. For KI Klaksvik the average is goal and for B36 Torshavn the average is [3 ] goal.

Finally we show all the values ​​of which we have seen the calculation, and at a glance we can understand if this match is favorable to the Over or Under bets. They could be taken, both of KI Klaksvik of B36 Torshavn, all outcomes greater than 80% as possible candidates for their bets.

KI Klaksvik B36 Torshavn
Average of the goals / game
0.99 0.99
Under 1.5 Goals
18% 0%
Over 1.5 Goals
82% 88%
Under 2.5 Goals
40% 0%
Over 2.5 Goals
60% 70%
Under 3.5 Goals
62% 37%
Over 3.5 Goals
38% 51%
44% 55%
No Goal
55% 33%

Full Match

Here you are our ratings for the game KI Klaksvik - B36 Torshavn . The analysis is very complete as it includes: winning team, goals scored, if both teams score and how much the game will end. We are able to give this information also for the first and second divided time.

The next tables will show the percentages as regards the exact result and the final result

Winner of the Match

Our algorithm focuses the match data on KI Klaksvik, will it be the favorite?

KI Klaksvik (Home Win) 52%
B36 Torshavn (Away Win) 26%
Draw 22%

In the following table you can see in an orderly way all the Over / Under percentages we have calculated.

The system has calculated a high possibility that both teams score, about 93%.

KI Klaksvik vs B36 Torshavn: First Half

Only for the true lovers of the forecasts, here are some advanced statistics related only to the first half of the match.

Summary of Predictions

In short, the summary of the prediction of this football match

Winner of the Match
KI Klaksvik Win
Goal Over / Under 2.5
Over 2.5
Both Teams Score
3 Most Probable Results
3 - 2

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