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Match Day 9 of the League India - I-League
Minerva Punjab
  • D
  • W
  • W
  • D
  • L
Gokulam Kerala
  • W
  • W

The predictions for the day 9 of the championship of India - I-League are very interesting. Do you want to bet on it? Take a look at the statistics we propose for the match Minerva Punjab - Gokulam Kerala.

The formations that will take the field face each other in a very balanced challenge. According to the statistics, none has the numbers to dominate the other, but we are going to deepen all the details related to this match. The 2 points that separate Gokulam Kerala and Minerva Punjab underline the technical parity and photograph the balance between the two formations. According to statistics, Minerva Punjab triumphed at home 2 times. In the 3 games played in front of the friendly public, Minerva Punjab scored 5 goals and suffered 2. His rival is quite formidable away from home, with 1 won on 2 played. So far, Gokulam Kerala has also scored 2 goals out of cases and has suffered 2.

Analysis of the State of Form

Studying the shape of a team means checking how it behaved in the last five games played, let's do it for the two teams that are currently competing. Below, to facilitate your reading, we report the fields of the table: date of the match and teams that challenge each other, final result (FT) and partial result of the first half, ranking of the two challengers at the moment before the kick-off .

Analysis of the State of Form: Minerva Punjab

Minerva Punjab is in a not too bad form and has won and equaled most of the last five games played by scoring 8 points. state of form is certainly competitive but it is also the one with the most varied trend.

Analysis of the State of Form: Gokulam Kerala

Gokulam Kerala had results below average, it was not a complete disaster but there is still a lot to do. 6 points out of 15 totaled in these five games and a road so all uphill.


With this interesting statistic you will be able to know the average of the goals scored and conceded by Minerva Punjab and Gokulam Kerala, in addition to that of all the teams in the league India - I-League. To make this prediction even more useful is the calculation of percentages of Under and Over.

and are the averages Goals scored and suffered in the games played respectively by Minerva Punjab and Gokulam Kerala This is the starting point from which to start our statistical reasoning.

The average goal of the two challengers is average goal of the championship. We extrapolate this data by merging the two goals of the two teams and comparing them with the statistics of the entire tournament. The average total goal that the two teams totaled in the first half is . This value is the same average calculated based on the data of the whole league (1). We compare the average goals scored in the second half by the two teams () with 1.4, a figure for the whole league. The average teams is the tournament average.

And here we are finally at the data table that shows everything we talked about. It could be interesting to invest on values ​​above 80%, provided there are enough games played.

Minerva Punjab Gokulam Kerala
Average of the goals / game
Under 0.5 Goals
Over 0.5 Goals
Under 1.5 Goals
Over 1.5 Goals
Under 2.5 Goals
Over 2.5 Goals
Under 3.5 Goals
Over 3.5 Goals
Under 4.5 Goals
Over 4.5 Goals
No Goal

Full Match

Here we are going to present our probabilistic surveys regarding the results of the match. The tables show who will win the game, how many goals will be scored, who will score and how much, everything divided into first and second time, and full time.

The next tables will show the percentages as regards the exact result and the final result

Winner of the Match

The favorite team, after careful analysis of the statistics, is not there: the game is balanced.

Minerva Punjab (Home Win)
Gokulam Kerala (Away Win)

The next table shows all the values ​​of Over and Under that we have calculated.

Analyzing the previous table we can also deduce that it is low the probability that both teams score (9.62%).

The two teams do not score much and the trend should be repeated The results of the most interesting game are as follows:

H - A 0 1 2 3 4

Minerva Punjab vs Gokulam Kerala: First Half

Are you looking for information also on half-time? We have those too! Here are the statistics and the probabilities on the First Time.

The two teams do not score much during the first half and the trend should be repeated.

Regarding the event in which both teams score a goal during the first half, we can deduce from the percentages (45.59%) that the probability that this happens is low.

Minerva Punjab vs Gokulam Kerala: Second Half

The two teams do not score much during the second half and the trend should be repeated.

The algorithm indicates the presence low of the probabilistic conditions for which both teams could score a goal in the second half .The percentage is 28.47%.

Summary of Predictions

In short, the summary of the prediction of this football match

Winner of the Match
Goal Over / Under 2.5
Both Teams Score
3 Most Probable Results
Winner of the Match 1T
Goal Over / Under 0.5 1T
Both Teams Score 1T
3 Most Probable Results 1T
Winner of the Match 2T
Goal Over / Under 0.5 2T
Both Teams Score 2T
3 Most Probable Results 2T

It's all! We remind you that we analyze the games only and exclusively from a mathematical point of view.We invite you to put your experience into play by commenting on your impressions below.

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