Welcome to the prediction of Shelbourne - Cabinteely, a match valid for the Ireland - Division 1 league.

Comparing the ranking (subscribe if you cannot see it), we understand that Shelbourne, compared to Cabinteely, has 0 points more. The team Shelbourne has reached share home wins on games played, scored goals and you have suffered , while Cabinteely scored away from home on total away matches, in which he scored goals and suffered .

Analysis of the State of Form

Shelbourne FT 1T Pos Cabinteely FT 1T Pos

Team and Championship statistics

The report of average goals and over-under is an indispensable statistic aimed at comparing how much scored goals in the championship and how much they score the two teams Cabinteely and Shelbourne. the real strength of the teams and compare it with the rest of the championship Ireland - Division 1.

and are the averages Goals scored and suffered in the games played respectively by Shelbourne and Cabinteely This is the starting point from which to start our statistical reasoning.

We take these two averages calculated and merge them into one: we will notice that if we compare it with the championship this value, of Gol, is lesser than average of the latter, which instead is of 3.2 Goals. If we calculate a new average from these two values ​​taken in the first half, we get the average Total scores of the two teams, or Goals. If we compare this value with the average of the championship, 1.6 Goals, we note that the first value is lesser than the second average. Now we put these values ​​in comparison with the average calculated throughout the championship that dispute to see if these two teams in the second half mark more or less than the others. two teams score is lesser than with the average calculated on the league, respectively and 1.6 Goals.

The tables below effectively summarize all that we have written previously, you can compare the average scores values ​​of the teams Shelbourne and Cabinteely with the championship, and we have data also available for the first and second time.

Shelbourne Cabinteely
Average Gol / Match
Under 0.5 Goals
Over 0.5 Goals
Under 1.5 Goals
Over 1.5 Goals
Under 2.5 Goals
Over 2.5 Goals
Under 3.5 Goals
Over 3.5 Goals
Under 4.5 Goals
Over 4.5 Goals
No Goal

Team and Championship statistics Only 1st Half

Shelbourne Cabinteely
Average of the Goals 1T
Under 0.5 Goals 1T
Over 0.5 Goals 1T
Under 1.5 Goals 1T
Over 1.5 Goals 1T
Goal 1T
No Goal 1T

Team and Championship statistics Only 2nd Half

Shelbourne Cabinteely
Average of the Goals 2T
Under 0.5 Goals 2T
Over 0.5 Goals 2T
Under 1.5 Goals 2T
Over 1.5 Goals 2T
Goal 2T
No Goal 2T

Complete Match

In this section you will find the percentages related to this match. The patterns are divided into Full Time, First Time and Second Time.For each of them we have studied the winner of the match, the over / under lines, who will score goals and possible exact results.

The next tables will show the percentages as regards the exact result and the final result

Winner of the Match

Shelbourne (Home Win)
Cabinteely (Away Win)

The most probable outcome for this match is attributable to the victory of the team Shelbourne.

In the following table you can see in an orderly way all the Over / Under percentages we have calculated.

Prediction: Over / Under

0.5 1.5 2.5 3.5 4.5

Prediction: Goal / No Goal

Yes No
Both Teams Score

There is a probability of 44.92% that both teams score a goal during the match.

It is rather unlikely that Cabinteely can score goals throughout the game, it is different for the team Shelbourne, from which we expect 4 goals.

Prediction: Correct Score

home team Correct Score away team
Shelbourne Cabinteely
H - A 0 1 2 3 4

Shelbourne - Cabinteely: First Half

Below we show the analysis of the match evaluating only the performances of the two teams in the first half.

The two challenger teams have not scored much during the first half of the season, we expect a few goals.

Prediction: Winner of the Match 1T


Prediction: Over / Under 1T

0.5 1.5

Prediction: Goal / No Goal 1T

Yes No

Prediction: Correct Score 1T

home team Correct Score away team
H - A 0 1 2

There is a probability of 1% that both teams score a goal during the first half.

Shelbourne - Cabinteely: Second Half

We repeat the previous analyzes, but modified with the data recovered only for the Second Time.

It is rather unlikely that 3 can score goals during the second half, different for the team Cabinteely, from which we expect Shelbourne Goals.

Prediction: Winner of the Match 2T


Prediction: Over / Under 2T

0.5 1.5

Prediction: Goal / No Goal 2T

Yes No

Prediction: Correct Score 2T

home team Correct Score away team
H - A 0 1 2

As you can see from the probability percentage of 43.98%, in this match there is an eventuality low that both teams score in the second half.

Shelbourne - Cabinteely: Summary of Predictions

In short, the summary of the prediction of this football match

Winner of the Match


Goal Over / Under 2.5


Both Teams Score


3 Most Probable Results


Winner of the Match 1T


Goal Over / Under 0.5 1T


Both Teams Score 1T


3 Most Probable Results 1T


Winner of the Match 2T


Goal Over / Under 0.5 2T


Both Teams Score 2T


3 Most Probable Results 2T


We are at the end of the line! If our forecasts have been useful, please let us know We will only give advice, but we do not know the results of the matches, and we advise you to play in moderation.

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