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Match Day 36 of the League Latvia - Virsliga
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This article thoroughly analyzes the match between Riga and Spartaks. We have collected statistics on the championship in Latvia - Virsliga and on the two teams and, if you are registered on the site, you can see them all, together with the percentages calculated by our algorithms.

The game on the card is out of balance, as one of the two teams is technically stronger than the other . Based on the various statistics it will be easy to deduce the results of the match. the Riga is the candidate team for the victory. The home team distances by 21 points less the Spartaks. Spartaks triumphed in 4 matches on 15 playing away from home, scoring 19 goals scored and 37 goals conceded. Riga scored 8 wins at home on 14, with a goal score of 23 facts and 6 suffered.

Probable Lineups

The probable lineups of Riga Spartaks are the following.

The probable formation decided by Mihails Koņevs could be the following: Nils Puriņš, Antonijs Černomordijs, Joël Bopesu, Oļegs Laizāns, Vladimir Kamešs, Felipe Brisola, Ritvars Rugins, Aleksejs Višņakovs, Stefan Panić, Vladislavs Fjodorovs, Kamil Biliński for Riga.

The initial composition of the team for Spartaks could be the following: Jevģēnijs Nerugals, Igors Tarasovs, Klāvs Kramēns, Ņikita Bērenfelds, Gints Freimanis, Sergey Eremenko, Aliyu Yau Adam, Lucky Opara, Verners Zalaks, Nemanja Belaković, Richie Ennin.

Analysis of the State of Form

Let's compare the last five games played in this championship for the two teams in question to understand their form. We want to be sure that you understand well the data contained in the table, so we list them here: we have the date of the clash, the name of the teams, the results of the match and only the first half which one can understand the result of only the second time, the position in the ranking of the two teams.

Analysis of the State of Form: Riga

Riga has won only 7 in the last five games and has won very little. In the next match the team could confirm its progression less than enough or get a win by reversing the its negative trend.

Analysis of the State of Form: Spartaks

Spartaks is in a medium form, bringing home just under half the points it could carry, 4 in all. to do if you want to improve its performance.


Here is one of the main statistics of this forecast: the average goals scored and suffered in the past games of the teams Riga and Spartaks compared with the same data for the league Latvia - Virsliga and the percentages of Over and Under.

From the previous games played we can observe that Spartaks has a total average goal of , while Riga has an average of total goals.

The average goal of the two formations that will play this game is . If compared with the average goal of the entire championship, 1.75, the first one is of the second one. is the value extrapolated from the two average goals scored in the first half by the teams playing this match. Compared with the league value (0.5), the data of the two challengers is average goal of the whole tournament. The average goal of the two teams is the average of the entire tournament. To make this comparison we have calculated the unique value of the goals scored by the two challengers in the second half, obtaining .

We arrive at the summary table, in which you will find all the values ​​that we have explained the calculation in. You can understand by yourself the rhythms of goals maintained by the two teams Riga and Spartaks, and how much is It is probable that goals will be scored based on the past and we have the same data for the first and second halves as well.

Riga Spartaks
Average of the goals / game
2 1
Under 0.5 Goals
14% 7%
Over 0.5 Goals
86% 93%
Under 1.5 Goals
43% 13%
Over 1.5 Goals
57% 87%
Under 2.5 Goals
79% 20%
Over 2.5 Goals
21% 80%
Under 3.5 Goals
86% 53%
Over 3.5 Goals
14% 47%
Under 4.5 Goals
86% 67%
Over 4.5 Goals
14% 33%
35% 60%
No Goal
71% 40%

Full Match

Subsequently we show the result of our studies relative to the single results of the meeting. We have very complete statistics, ranging from the result of the game, to the analysis of the goal and who will score during the match, to the analysis of the latter in the two times taken individually.

The next tables will show the percentages as regards the exact result and the final result

Winner of the Match

Our algorithm has established that the favorite team of this match is Riga.

Riga (Home Win) 82.56%
Spartaks (Away Win) 4.13%
Draw 11.05%

This table will be useful to visualize, at a glance, the percentage of total scores related to all the possible events of this match.

Observing the previous table it is easy to observe that the probability that both teams score is low (36.47%) .' ;

We do not think that Spartaks can score, but we expect 3 Goals from the team Riga That said we can define the most likely results:

H - A 0 1 2 3 4
0 3.98% 1.87% 0.44% 0.07% 0.01%
1 10.97% 5.15% 1.21% 0.19% 0.02%
2 15.1% 7.09% 1.66% 0.26% 0.03%
3 13.87% 6.51% 1.53% 0.24% 0.03%
4 9.55% 4.48% 1.05% 0.16% 0.02%

Riga vs Spartaks: First Half

We reproduce the same analysis shown above, but applied to the data known only for the First Time.

It is possible that the two teams score at least one goal each for the first half.

Analyzing the previous table we can also deduce that it is high the probability that both teams score in the first half (96.83%).

Riga vs Spartaks: Second Half

It is possible that the two teams score at least one goal each during the second half.

According to what emerged in the previous table, we can say that the probability that both teams score in the second half is high (85.93%).

Summary of Predictions

In short, the summary of the prediction of this football match

Winner of the Match
Riga Win
Goal Over / Under 2.5
Over 2.5
Both Teams Score
No Goal
3 Most Probable Results
2 - 0 / 3 - 0 / 1 - 0
Winner of the Match 1T
Riga Win
Goal Over / Under 0.5 1T
Over 0.5
Both Teams Score 1T
3 Most Probable Results 1T
3 - 0 / 3 - 1 / 3 - 2
Winner of the Match 2T
Riga Win
Goal Over / Under 0.5 2T
Over 0.5
Both Teams Score 2T
3 Most Probable Results 2T
3 - 0 / 3 - 1 / 2 - 0

As a last note we wish you to win thanks to our forecasts.We do not favor gambling, we just give advice by studying the games.Play in moderation, and only if you have more than 18 years.

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