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Match Day 14 of the League Macedonia - 1st League
Sileks Kratovo
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The predictions for the day 14 of the championship of Macedonia - 1st League are very interesting. Do you want to bet on it? Take a look at the statistics we propose for the match Sileks Kratovo - Shkupi.

Statistics and rankings speak of a substantial equality between the two teams. Our analyzes will also consider other factors, to advise you on the best bet, the result of an accurate prediction There is no technical superiority analyzing the current statistics. Shkupi has less points of Sileks Kratovo. In all they have a gap of 2 points. The home team scored 12 goals and suffered 4 in a total of 6 home games, of which they won 5. The guests played 6 matches away, winning 0. Playing away from home, Shkupi scored 4 goals and suffered 7.

Analysis of the State of Form

We analyze the state of form by comparing the last 5 games played by both teams in this championship. In the table, besides the day of the match and the names of the two teams, you also have other values ​​of comparison: final result and the partial of the first half, position in the ranking of the two teams before the kick-off.

Analysis of the State of Form: Sileks Kratovo

Victories and draws in the last 5 games have yielded Sileks Kratovo 9 points. Will you be able to keep this pace in the league ?.

Analysis of the State of Form: Shkupi

Very interesting game between these two teams. Shkupi has a series of positive results with which he has accumulated 8 points in the standings. challenger.


These statistics are a fundamental resource and can assist you in understanding the number of goals scored in the match, representing a record of goals scored in the passes of the championship Macedonia - 1st League compared with those of the teams Shkupi and Sileks Kratovo Good reading!.

The average of the goals scored and suffered by the two teams to date has been respectively Goals for Sileks Kratovo and Goals for Shkupi.

We take these two averages calculated and merge them into one: we will notice that if we compare it with the championship this value, of Gol, is average of the latter, which instead is of 1.8 Goals. The average goal of the whole championship (0.8) is compared to the unique value derived from the average of the first half totaled by the two challengers (). The unique value of the two formations is of the average goal of the entire tournament. If we calculate a new average from these two values, we get the average Total scores of the two teams in the second half, or Goals. If we compare this value with the average of the championship, 1 Goals, we note that the first value is second average.

We arrive at the summary table, in which you will find all the values ​​that we have explained the calculation in. You can understand by yourself the rhythms of goals maintained by the two teams Sileks Kratovo and Shkupi, and how much is It is probable that goals will be scored based on the past and we have the same data for the first and second halves as well.

Sileks Kratovo Shkupi
Average of the goals / game
Under 0.5 Goals
Over 0.5 Goals
Under 1.5 Goals
Over 1.5 Goals
Under 2.5 Goals
Over 2.5 Goals
Under 3.5 Goals
Over 3.5 Goals
Under 4.5 Goals
Over 4.5 Goals
No Goal

Full Match

Below you will find the probability tables we recorded for the game Sileks Kratovo vs Shkupi . We have very complete statistics, ranging from the result of the game, to the analysis of the goal and who will score during the match, to the analysis of the latter in the two times taken individually.

The next tables will show the percentages as regards the exact result and the final result

Winner of the Match

The favored team, after careful analysis of the statistics, is Sileks Kratovo.

Sileks Kratovo (Home Win)
Shkupi (Away Win)

In the following table you can see in an orderly way all the Over / Under percentages we have calculated.

Analyzing the previous table we can also deduce that it is low the probability that both teams score (41.53%).

We should see at least one goal per team throughout the game, so here are the most confident results calculated by us:

H - A 0 1 2 3 4

Sileks Kratovo vs Shkupi: First Half

Only for the true lovers of the forecasts, here are some advanced statistics related only to the first half of the match.

The number of goals expected in the first half for this match is low or nil.

According to what emerged in the previous table, we can say that the probability that both teams score in the first half is low (12.01%).

Sileks Kratovo vs Shkupi: Second Half

The number of goals expected in the second half for this match is low or nil.

There is a probability of 21.68% that both teams score a goal during the second half.

Summary of Predictions

In short, the summary of the prediction of this football match

Winner of the Match
Goal Over / Under 2.5
Both Teams Score
3 Most Probable Results
Winner of the Match 1T
Goal Over / Under 0.5 1T
Both Teams Score 1T
3 Most Probable Results 1T
Winner of the Match 2T
Goal Over / Under 0.5 2T
Both Teams Score 2T
3 Most Probable Results 2T

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