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Match Day 14 of the League Mexico - Ascenso
Tlaxcala Fútbol Club
  • D
  • W
  • W
  • W
  • L
Yalmakan FC
  • L
  • L
  • W
  • W

Do you want to evaluate reliable percentages for your bet today? Read the statistics we have calculated for the match Tlaxcala Fútbol Club Yalmakan FC . If you want to receive statistics complete or related to the championship Mexico - Ascenso directly on your smartphone, click on The Winning Bets.

We expect a nearly one-way game, as the technical difference between the two teams is remarkable. The game is definitely in favor of home team. The Yalmakan FC has indeed well 10 points less of Tlaxcala Fútbol Club. Yalmakan FC has won 2 away and in 6 games has scored 8 goals and has suffered 12. Tlaxcala Fútbol Club has played 6 home games, winning 4 The home team has a deficit of 3 goals against 7 made in front of his audience.

Analysis of the State of Form

Analyzing the form of a team means observing its performance in the league. For this meeting we have taken into consideration the last 5 games played by the two teams that will take the field. The table facilitates the reading of your prediction. You find in the order: date of the match, the teams that will take the field, the final result and the partial and end time, in addition to the position in the ranking of the two challengers.

Analysis of the State of Form: Tlaxcala Fútbol Club

Tlaxcala Fútbol Club took home 10 points in the last few games thanks to a series of considerable positive results. The team is in good shape and will be very competitive. ' ;

Analysis of the State of Form: Yalmakan FC

Positive evaluation regarding the Yalmakan FC , which has collected points, in all 9, in most cases, triumphing in some. competitive and can give the challenger a hard time.


We are going to give you one of the most interesting statistics of the whole prediction, based on the average of goals scored and conceded by Tlaxcala Fútbol Club and Yalmakan FC. After knowing this average, we will allow you to compare it with the goals scored and conceded in the championship Mexico - Ascenso. You will also know the percentages of Over and Under.

An interesting fact that comes out is the average Goals and losses of the two teams, it emerges that Tlaxcala Fútbol Club has a total average score of and Yalmakan FC has an average of Goal.

We obtain a new value from the two calculated, which represents the average of the total goals of the two teams joined, by Goals. We can now compare it with the calculated value over the whole championship. saying that the average of the goals of the two teams is average of the championship. We create a further average between the two values ​​previously calculated in the first half, which will become If we compare this value with the average goal of their championship, we will conclude that the first value is with the championship average, of 0 Gol. Comparing the average total goals of the two teams in the second half () with the average score of the championship (0) we note that the first value is of the second.

We have arrived at the statistics: these tables summarize, including first and second time, all the averages and the Over / Under results of the championship in progress. 'excellent way to decide what to aim for, paying special attention to values ​​above 80%.

Tlaxcala Fútbol Club Yalmakan FC
Average of the goals / game
1 1
Under 0.5 Goals
14% 14%
Over 0.5 Goals
86% 86%
Under 1.5 Goals
57% 43%
Over 1.5 Goals
43% 57%
Under 2.5 Goals
71% 57%
Over 2.5 Goals
29% 43%
Under 3.5 Goals
86% 57%
Over 3.5 Goals
14% 43%
Under 4.5 Goals
86% 71%
Over 4.5 Goals
14% 29%
38% 43%
No Goal
71% 57%

Full Match

It is time to show you the study carried out on the percentages of occurrence of the various possible cases. The patterns are divided into Full Time, First Time and Second Time.For each of them we have studied the winner of the match, the over / under lines, who will score goals and possible exact results.

The next tables will show the percentages as regards the exact result and the final result

Winner of the Match

The data shown on these tables will show how Tlaxcala Fútbol Club is the favorite team for this match.

Tlaxcala Fútbol Club (Home Win) 56.83%
Yalmakan FC (Away Win) 14.38%
Draw 28.75%

Look at the table below for all the percentages calculated by our algorithm.

The system has calculated a low possibility that both teams score, about 29.46%.

The two teams do not score much and the trend should be repeated The results of the most interesting game are as follows:

H - A 0 1 2 3 4
0 15.95% 8.18% 2.1% 0.36% 0.05%
1 21.1% 10.82% 2.77% 0.47% 0.06%
2 13.96% 7.16% 1.84% 0.31% 0.04%
3 6.16% 3.16% 0.81% 0.14% 0.02%
4 2.04% 1.04% 0.27% 0.05% 0.01%

Tlaxcala Fútbol Club vs Yalmakan FC: First Half

Only for the true lovers of the forecasts, here are some advanced statistics related only to the first half of the match.

The two teams do not score much during the first half and the trend should be repeated.

The table above indicates the presence of a low probability that both teams score in the first half, calculated at 0.11%.

Tlaxcala Fútbol Club vs Yalmakan FC: Second Half

It is difficult for the game to end without goals by both teams during the second half.

The probability that both teams score during the second time is high, precisely of 51.99%.

Summary of Predictions

In short, the summary of the prediction of this football match

Winner of the Match
Tlaxcala Fútbol Club Win
Goal Over / Under 2.5
Under 2.5
Both Teams Score
No Goal
3 Most Probable Results
1 - 0 / 0 - 0 / 2 - 0
Winner of the Match 1T
Tlaxcala Fútbol Club and Yalmakan FC draw
Goal Over / Under 0.5 1T
Under 0.5
Both Teams Score 1T
No Goal
3 Most Probable Results 1T
0 - 0 / 1 - 0 / 0 - 1
Winner of the Match 2T
Tlaxcala Fútbol Club Win
Goal Over / Under 0.5 2T
Over 0.5
Both Teams Score 2T
3 Most Probable Results 2T
1 - 0 / 1 - 1 / 2 - 0

We are at the end, I hope you have appreciated this prediction, and we remind you that, to read it entirely, you must be registered on the site and leave a comment before leaving!.

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