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Match Day 6 of the League Morocco - Botola Pro
Raja Casablanca
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Hassania US Agadir
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Welcome to the prediction of Raja Casablanca - Hassania US Agadir, a match valid for the Morocco - Botola Pro league.

Predicting the favorite between the two teams is very complex. You must carefully consider all the data collected to decide the odds of winning and the right bet for your bet The Raja Casablanca has only 3 points more of Hassania US Agadir, from here it is understood that the game could be balanced. The statistics of the championship indicate that Raja Casablanca has proved victorious at home in 2 challenges on 2, with a goal score of 8 facts and 1 suffered. on the other hand, Hassania US Agadir dominates his opponent away from home 1 times on 2 games, scoring 1 times and conceding 1 goals.

Analysis of the State of Form

By comparing the performances of the two challengers in the last five rounds, we will understand the form of the formations in the competition. To be precise and clear, we describe what the fields of the table contain: date of the meeting and name of the teams, final and partial result, position in the ranking of the two formations.

Analysis of the State of Form: Raja Casablanca

Raja Casablanca arrives at this clash with a positive trend of 10 points, won and tied most of the time, which puts him in a situation of excellent physical and psychological competitiveness.

Analysis of the State of Form: Hassania US Agadir

Hassania US Agadir has totaled 7 points, less than half of those up for grabs. A trend judged to be sufficient that shows a physical and psychological form below the average.


The table below shows the average goals scored by each of the two challenger teams and the one of the current championship Morocco - Botola Pro It can direct your Over / Under choices as not in all the championships score goals with the same frequency and also the teams Raja Casablanca and Hassania US Agadir can score differently from the others.

The starting point of our prediction is the calculation of the average of the goals scored / conceded or total goals. and are the goals scored and conceded in the matches played by Raja Casablanca and Hassania US Agadir respectively.

is the value that represents the average of the total goals of the two teams. Now let's compare it to the average goal of the championship to conclude that the data relative to the two formations is average of the championship. We combine the middle goals of the two teams of the first half and we get . We compare this value with the first half goal of the whole championship (1) and we understand that this data is of the statistics concerning the two challenging teams. In the second half the two challengers have a unique goal average of . Let's compare it with the value calculated over the whole championship to conclude that the average of the two teams' goals is the average of the entire tournament.

And here we are finally at the data table that shows everything we talked about. It could be interesting to invest on values ​​above 80%, provided there are enough games played.

Raja Casablanca Hassania US Agadir
Average of the goals / game
2 1
Under 0.5 Goals
7% 13%
Over 0.5 Goals
93% 87%
Under 1.5 Goals
27% 47%
Over 1.5 Goals
73% 53%
Under 2.5 Goals
53% 73%
Over 2.5 Goals
47% 27%
Under 3.5 Goals
73% 100%
Over 3.5 Goals
27% 0%
Under 4.5 Goals
73% 100%
Over 4.5 Goals
27% 0%
67% 40%
No Goal
47% 60%

Full Match

We are going to show you what our algorithms have established for Raja Casablanca - Hassania US Agadir . The patterns are divided into Full Time, First Time and Second Time.For each of them we have studied the winner of the match, the over / under lines, who will score goals and possible exact results.

The next tables will show the percentages as regards the exact result and the final result

Winner of the Match

The verdict, as far as the winning team is concerned, is definitely in favor of Raja Casablanca.

Raja Casablanca (Home Win) 56.85%
Hassania US Agadir (Away Win) 7.46%
Draw 35.67%

Below you can see the complete table with all the Over / Under odds we have elaborated.

The algorithm indicates the presence low of the probabilistic conditions for which both teams could score a goal.The percentage is 12.07%.

We expect absence or few goals from both teams, which means that the most probable results for the match are:

H - A 0 1 2 3 4
0 29.11% 6.07% 0.63% 0.04% 0%
1 29.86% 6.22% 0.65% 0.04% 0%
2 15.31% 3.19% 0.33% 0.02% 0%
3 5.24% 1.09% 0.11% 0.01% 0%
4 1.34% 0.28% 0.03% 0% 0%

Raja Casablanca vs Hassania US Agadir: First Half

You can now consult the 1X2 prediction, Over and Under, Goal and No Goal related only to the data collected on the First Time.

We expect several goals during the first half of both teams.

There is a probability of 84.02% that both teams score a goal during the first half.

Raja Casablanca vs Hassania US Agadir: Second Half

We expect several goals during the second half from both teams.

The probability that both teams score during the second time is high, precisely of 70.66%.

Summary of Predictions

In short, the summary of the prediction of this football match

Winner of the Match
Raja Casablanca Win
Goal Over / Under 2.5
Under 2.5
Both Teams Score
No Goal
3 Most Probable Results
1 - 0 / 0 - 0 / 2 - 0
Winner of the Match 1T
Raja Casablanca Win
Goal Over / Under 0.5 1T
Over 0.5
Both Teams Score 1T
3 Most Probable Results 1T
2 - 1 / 3 - 1 / 2 - 2
Winner of the Match 2T
Raja Casablanca Win
Goal Over / Under 0.5 2T
Over 0.5
Both Teams Score 2T
3 Most Probable Results 2T
2 - 1 / 1 - 1 / 2 - 0

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