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Match Day 19 of the League Northern Ireland - Premiership
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Larne FC
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Below you can see every percentage of probability that we calculated for the match Glenavon - Larne FC from the championship Northern Ireland - Premiership. We hope that these can be useful to improve your betting experience.

In a first synthesis, comparing the statistics and the ranking of the two teams, we notice a strong technical difference, so we have a strongly favored team against a definitely disadvantaged one. Glenavon has 7 points in the standings less of Larne FC and is definitely favored for the victory of this match. If you want to see the ranking of away team and the other participants in the championship, sign up for free at The Winning Bets. Glenavon has won 4 times on 8 at home with an asset of 13 goals scored against 11 goals conceded. With 13 goals scored and 7 conceded, Larne FC is managed to snatch the maximum result away from home 4 times on 8.

Probable Lineups

The probable lineups of Glenavon Larne FC are the following.

We have a good chance to say that the deployment of the eleven holders of the coach will be the following: Jonny Tuffey, Caolan Marron, Rhys Marshall, James Singleton, Joshua Daniels, Aaron Harmon, Stephen Murray, Robert Garrett, Daniel Larmour, Kyle Beggs, Gary Hamilton for Glenavon.

the away team, guided by the coach Tiernan Lynch will enter the field with Conor Devlin, Harry Flowers, Graham Kelly, Albert Watson, Chris Ramsey, Ben Tilney, Jeff Hughes, Fuad Sule, Martin Donnelly, Lee Lynch, David McDaid as possible holders.

Analysis of the State of Form

Let's go to compare the last five games played by the two teams that will take the field to understand their real state of form. The table consists of these fields: date and name of the two teams, FT result and first half, ranking on the championship standings at the time of the event.

Analysis of the State of Form: Glenavon

Glenavon has 4 points out of 15 and scored after the last five games. An uphill road for a team whose results are below average. work hard.

Analysis of the State of Form: Larne FC

Larne FC took home 9 points in the last few games thanks to a series of considerable positive results. The team is in good shape and will be very competitive. ' ;


Find out the statistics on the goal average and on the Over / Under of all the teams in the league and the two challengers. These statistics compare the returns of Glenavon and Larne FC with the championship Northern Ireland - Premiership in which they play and allow you to perfect your bets on Total goals

From the data relating to the average goals scored and conceded, we discover that Glenavon has active total goals and Larne FC has .

We take these two averages calculated and merge them into one: we will notice that if we compare it with the championship this value, of Gol, is average of the latter, which instead is of 3.5 Goals. The two formations in the first times already played totaled , a unique value extrapolated from the average goal of the two teams relative to the first portion of the game. Comparing it with the average total goal of the tournament, we can say that the statistics of the two challengers is of that of the entire championship. The average goal total of the two teams in the second half is . Compared with 1.83, average goal of the whole championship, we underline that the data of the two challengers is compared to that of the tournament.

The tables below effectively summarize all that we have written previously, you can compare the average scores values ​​of the teams Glenavon and Larne FC with the championship, and we have data also available for the first and second time.

Glenavon Larne FC
Average of the goals / game
Under 0.5 Goals
Over 0.5 Goals
Under 1.5 Goals
Over 1.5 Goals
Under 2.5 Goals
Over 2.5 Goals
Under 3.5 Goals
Over 3.5 Goals
Under 4.5 Goals
Over 4.5 Goals
No Goal

Full Match

It's time to show the percentages calculated by our systems. The statistics shown range from 1X2, to all Over and Under categories, to goals scored and to the exact result, both for the regular time and for the first and second time.

The next tables will show the percentages as regards the exact result and the final result

Winner of the Match

The team with the highest victory percentage for this game is Larne FC.

Glenavon (Home Win)
Larne FC (Away Win)

Here is the table with all the values ​​of goals made and suffered total that shows the most probable events.

As you can see from the probability percentage of 40.77%, in this match there is an eventuality low that both teams score.

We do not expect the game to be rich in Gol, in fact it is more probable that there are few or none of them. Take a look at the exact results we calculated:

H - A 0 1 2 3 4

Glenavon vs Larne FC: First Half

We reproduce the same analysis shown above, but applied to the data known only for the First Time.

There is a great chance that both teams score and that the game ends with at least 2 goals scored during the first half.

The probability that both teams score during the first half is high, precisely of 84.8%.

Glenavon vs Larne FC: Second Half

There is a great chance that both teams score and that the game ends with at least 2 goals scored during the second half.

Analyzing the previous table we can also deduce that it is high the probability that both teams score in the second half (76.76%).

Summary of Predictions

In short, the summary of the prediction of this football match

Winner of the Match
Goal Over / Under 2.5
Both Teams Score
3 Most Probable Results
Winner of the Match 1T
Goal Over / Under 0.5 1T
Both Teams Score 1T
3 Most Probable Results 1T
Winner of the Match 2T
Goal Over / Under 0.5 2T
Both Teams Score 2T
3 Most Probable Results 2T

Thank you for reading the whole article.We remind you that we process these odds by collecting data, we do not follow the games and we are not bettors.You can contribute to this article by commenting with your experience using the form below.

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