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Match Day 20 of the League Premier League
Ming Chuan University
  • L
  • L
  • L
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Tatung FC
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  • W
  • W
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  • D

We have calculated the statistics of the match Ming Chuan University - Tatung FC, valid for the day 20 of the championship of Premier League. Find out our prediction for your bet by continuing to read or get more predictions on The Winning Bets.

The statistics photograph a very balanced challenge. We have studied all the data collected to establish the probabilities of victory and the potentially favored team. Neither team is distinguished from the other for the best performance in the league. To date, Ming Chuan University has totaled 0 points more of Tatung FC. With goals scored and conceded, Tatung FC triumphed outside the home times on . Ming Chuan University has assets scored against goals conceded, budget with which he obtained the maximum result times on played at home.

Analysis of the State of Form

Now we analyze the performance of the two teams in the last five games played, as shown in the graphic at the beginning of the article. We want to be sure that you understand well the data contained in the table, so we list them here: we have the date of the clash, the name of the teams, the results of the match and only the first half which one can understand the result of only the second time, the position in the ranking of the two teams.

Analysis of the State of Form: Ming Chuan University

The physical and psychological condition of Ming Chuan University is very bad. It has suffered many defeats and it would be useful to understand if the players and the coach have the strength and the will to react to this situation or yes they are already allowed to go.

Analysis of the State of Form: Tatung FC

Positive evaluation regarding the Tatung FC , which has collected points, in all 10, in most cases, triumphing in some. competitive and can give the challenger a hard time.


The statistics in the table are useful to know the real strength of the teams and the offensive capacity of Ming Chuan University and Tatung FC. These data guide the choice between Over and Under by comparing the goals scored by the two teams with goals scored in the league Premier League.

Now let's look at the total average goal of the two teams competing. The average between the goals scored and those conceded of Ming Chuan University is while the total goals of Tatung FC are .

The summary table will convince you of the possibility of betting on Over or on Under, based on how the two teams Ming Chuan University and Tatung FC score goals, but also how to score goals in all in the championship.

Ming Chuan University Tatung FC
Average of the goals / game
0.99 0.99
Under 1.5 Goals
21% 26%
Over 1.5 Goals
79% 74%
Under 2.5 Goals
42% 26%
Over 2.5 Goals
58% 64%
Under 3.5 Goals
52% 47%
Over 3.5 Goals
48% 53%
42% 52%
No Goal
57% 47%

Full Match

Subsequently we show the result of our studies relative to the single results of the meeting. The analysis is very complete as it includes: winning team, goals scored, if both teams score and how much the game will end. We are able to give this information also for the first and second divided time.

The next tables will show the percentages as regards the exact result and the final result

Winner of the Match

According to the percentages available to us, will the team most likely to win be Tatung FC?

Ming Chuan University (Home Win) 12%
Tatung FC (Away Win) 68%
Draw 20%

The following is the Total Score report that we have worked out with all the percentages.

There is a probability of 76% that both teams score a goal during the match.

Ming Chuan University vs Tatung FC: First Half

We are able to give you predictions on the first half crossing the historical data in our possession related only to that phase of play.

Summary of Predictions

In short, the summary of the prediction of this football match

Winner of the Match
Tatung FC Win
Goal Over / Under 2.5
Over 2.5
Both Teams Score
3 Most Probable Results
1 - 3

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